Get involved

Have skills you want to use to help?  Want to develop new skills?  We want to hear from you!

Can you help?  We’re up for doing more on social media. More engagement with local businesses and user groups. There are more funds out there to go at, either through local businesses or via grants.  Plenty of ideas out there which need some more “active” hands on deck to make happen.  Just drop us a line or talk – without commitment! Worthwhile and fun.

Marketing (both the Arts Centre and the Friends Group)

Communications, including social media

Business Planning

Community Development

Links to voluntary organisations

Links to health

….anything you can do will help, whether that be on a few occasions or more regularly.  People of any age. In particular we’d like to develop the voice of younger people.

Just contact us, or pop us an email.

Or volunteer in the Pontardawe Arts Centre itself, when it reopens.  As well as Volunteers to work as stewards for live events and film they are looking for volunteers to staff the Reception desk from 10.30 – 1.30 Monday to Friday. It’s a really nice thing to do – as many people who come in love a chat!  Nick Voisey of the Arts Centre team,  is responsible for the Volunteer scheme. Just contact Nick by dropping into the Arts Centre or 01792 863722