Become a member

Our membership fee is £10.00 per year per person. All the membership fees go towards supporting the Arts Centre. There are serveral ways you can join us.  A Standing Order will be of great help to us, simplifying what we have to do each year. Using a Standing Order Either: use your online-banking to set… Continue reading Become a member

Get involved

Have skills you want to use to help?  Want to develop new skills?  We want to hear from you! Can you help?  We’re up for doing more on social media. More engagement with local businesses and user groups. There are more funds out there to go at, either through local businesses or via grants.  Plenty… Continue reading Get involved


Sponsoring the Friends Group will help raise funds which are used to develop the Arts Centre.  You can do this as an individual (Contact our treasurer) or as an organisation via our main contact point. Join the Friends of Pontardawe Arts Centre as a commercial sponsor of our important community asset. Become a partner with… Continue reading Sponsorship


All ideas you have on how the Arts Centre can grow and adapt are welcome.  As a Friends Group we also need your suggestions and feedback. This can be about small or large things: sources of funding; ideas that you’ve seen work elsewhere; what you’d like to see in the programme;  how to attract new… Continue reading Ideas