Business Plan

Here are what we will be working on over the next year.

Recruit beneficial support skills for Friends Group

Register FPAC with the Charity Commission

 Prepare FPAC accounts for YE 31 Dec 2018

 Aim to increase current membership & retain all members for 2019

 Secure sponsorship/ patronage support & income from individuals/  businesses

 Scrutinise any future NPTCBC budget proposals & lobby as required

 Assist in increasing attendance @  PAC

 Work in conjunction with NPTCBC to prepare a 3 year business plan based on local community feedback.

 Identify areas of practical support/ advice to PAC following preparation of  a business plan &  assistance  with management issues

 Work in conjunction with NPTCBC to support grant aid applications  for priority capital & revenue projects at PAC  including  possible  cinema pod  and external atrium

 NB  The order of listing does not represent any suggested priority. Overall strategy is to balance ambition with realism. To use this year to develop the groundwork and prepare to help with the greater challenges of 19/20 and beyond. Success – will depend on all of us being active – active supporters and putting ideas into action.  Skills for individual tasks etc: everything helps. 10 areas – 5 are about development of Friends, 5 of the Art Centre and of course these  overlap. Main areas – Fund raising, helping increase attendance, working with Council